Saturday, January 2, 2016

Outside in Shorts

In order to complete an OCD ritual, I put on my shoes with no socks and walked to the corner in shorts and a t-shirt in order to look at some random guy while thinking the right thought. Sounds insane, right? It is.

We have an insurance adjuster coming to inspect so we're all cleaning today. I picked the kitchen. I hate doing dishes, but I also hate cleaning the bathroom. For some reason, Richard seems to think he's exempt from the bathroom.

Wrote a post today. Entered some sweepstakes. I finished binge watching the show The Wire last night so now I have the extra fun task of picking a new show and hopefully liking it.

I spend entirely too much time watching tv. But what else does a homebound person with crippling OCD do?


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  1. Hi Billie! Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog (take a look at my reply I wrote on there). Wishing you all the best with your battle against OCD. Hugs! - Gemma